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Common Misconceptions about Estate Planning in Dallas, Texas

The rules and guidelines that apply to estate planning can be quite confusing for anyone who isn’t in the know. Among residents of Dallas, Texas, misconceptions abound – and most people who meet with estate planning attorneys have at least one mi… Read More
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Estate Planning Attorneys Explain When to Update Your Legacy Plan

If you already had a Dallas estate planning attorney put together a comprehensive estate plan, you’re off to a solid start. In fact, you’re ahead of most Texans – studies have shown that only one out of every three people have taken this step.… Read More
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Can You Create a Trust Without a Dallas Trust Lawyer?

Estate planning is far from simple – and for many individuals in Dallas, hiring an experienced trust lawyer is a smart decision. Quite a few do-it-yourself trust programs can be found online, and if you listen to the marketing pitches for the legal… Read More
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Financial Planning Lawyers on Joint Bank Accounts & Adult Children

In their senior years, many people in need of help with money management choose to open a joint bank account with an adult child. Do financial planning lawyers in Dallas, Texas, recommend this approach? While the idea seems sound in principle, in rea… Read More
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Reasons to Hire an Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer in Dallas

Everyone needs to have the right estate plan, but does everyone need to hire an estate planning lawyer? In Dallas, much like elsewhere in Texas and across the country, many people are tempted to take the do-it-yourself approach to making an estate pl… Read More
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Dallas Estate Lawyers Shed Light on Living Trusts

Have you ever heard of a living trust? As experienced Dallas estate lawyers, we know that estate planning isn’t just people and in their twilight years – and it isn’t all about death. Sure, much of the process involves making decisions about wh… Read More
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Common Questions About Wills & Will Preparation in Dallas

Most people in Dallas know at least a little about wills and will preparation, but many are in the dark – and more than a few have never given any thought to estate planning. The time for drafting a will and establishing an estate plan is now, as n… Read More
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Do You Need a Financial Planning Professional or an Accountant?

Financial planning is important for everyone in Dallas, Texas. After all, whether you’re saving for a new home, starting a business or simply trying to stay within the confines of a monthly budget, you’re already managing your money in order to m… Read More
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What Are Trusts in Estate Planning? Dallas Lawyers Explain the Basics

While a will is fundamental to estate planning, Dallas lawyers look to consider the needs and goals of each client – and the truth is, more residents of Texas can benefit from trusts than is commonly believed. People hear the word “trust” and i… Read More
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Estate Plan Documents to Discuss with a Dallas Estate Attorney

Experts say that fewer than half of the population has an up-to-date estate plan in place. Yet any estate attorney in Dallas or elsewhere would say that everyone needs to prepare for the future. Estate planning is about protecting your loved ones and… Read More
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