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Texas financial planner attorney

Do You Need a Financial Planner or an Estate Planning Attorney?

Financial planners and estate planning attorneys offer valuable services to individuals who want to prepare for the future. But contrary to what many people think, the two types of professionals have different areas of expertise. So, should you work… Read More
Texas estate planning attorney

Should a Trust be Part of Your Estate Plan?

A last will and testament is an essential component of any estate plan. And for many people, the same can be said of a well-crafted trust. Trusts were once considered to be only for the wealthy, but that’s no longer the case. You don’t ne… Read More
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Does Texas require probate for wills?

An Overview of the Texas Probate Process

To anyone who isn’t an attorney, the Texas probate process can seem quite daunting. Certain steps must be followed when probating a will or an estate, and disputes can arise. Plus, missing a deadline or making a mistake could result in serious cons… Read More
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How to make a will in Texas

What Makes a Will Valid in Texas?

Creating a last will and testament is an incredibly important act, as the document can ensure that your estate and affairs are handled as you wish upon your death. If you die without a valid will in Texas, the probate court will step in and disburse… Read More
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Texas probate attorney

Common Myths About Probate & Estate Administration in Texas

If you’re like many people, your knowledge of probate and estate administration is limited. The topic doesn’t come up much in general conversation, as talking about estate planning can be uncomfortable – and that’s completely understandable.… Read More
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“Brittany is helping my husband and I with our wills and other related documents. Wow! She really knows her stuff! Thank you for helping us through a tough subject and holding our hands through this process.”
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