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Do You Need a Financial Planner or an Estate Planning Attorney?

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Financial planners and estate planning attorneys offer valuable services to individuals who want to prepare for the future. But contrary to what many people think, the two types of professionals have different areas of expertise.

So, should you work with a financial planner? Or would an estate planning lawyer be a better choice? Below, we explain the basic services each can provide – and why you may want to choose a law firm that has both professionals on staff.

What Financial Planning Involves

Financial planners work to help individuals manage their money in a manner that allows them to meet their future goals.

Meet with an experienced financial planner, and you can expect to review your assets, finances and investment accounts. You’ll discuss strategies for building a secure future and enjoying greater financial freedom, and you’ll work together to develop a plan that makes your dreams a reality. Whether you’re saving for college, planning for retirement, interested in buying a home or simply want to improve your overall financial health, working with a financial planner is a smart move.

The Purpose of Estate Planning

Estate planning attorneys help individuals protect their assets in the event of incapacity and ensure their affairs are handled as they wish after death.

When you consult with an estate planning lawyer, you’ll look at every possible situation that could arise if you suddenly become incapacitated – and your attorney will create a comprehensive estate plan that addresses each scenario. Your plan will also include details on how your assets are to be distributed following your death. From a last will and testament to specialized documents like a power of attorney, a living will or a revocable living trust, an attorney who specializes in developing estate plans understands how to make arrangements for the many variables that exist in life.

Choose a Law Firm that Specializes in Both

The goals of financial planning and estate planning are often interconnected, and working with both professionals can be the best way to secure your financial future as well as the legacy you pass on to future generations.

Schultz and Kellar, based in northeast Texas, is one of the few local law firms that employs experienced estate planning attorneys and a team of financial planners. We understand both the acquisition and distribution of wealth, and our holistic perspective gives you a definite advantage.

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area, the professional team at Schulz and Kellar is here to meet your needs and provide you peace of mind about your estate and your financial health. For more information on our services, or to schedule a free consultation with an experienced financial planner or estate planning attorney, reach out to our office in Southlake, Texas, today.


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