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As a seller, do I need to disclose any defects in a home?

As a seller, you should disclose all defects in the home. However, you should discuss this with an experienced real estate lawyer. When and how you disclose the defects can be important, and if you do not disclose them you could find yourself facing a lawsuit.

What should I do before buying or selling property?

A Texas real estate lawyer can perform a title search to make sure that the seller can convey marketable title, free and clear. This means that it is safe to purchase the property, that no one else has claims to the land, and there are no outstanding liens that need to be paid by the seller.

Do I need an attorney to buy or sell a home?

In Texas you are not legally required to hire a lawyer to buy or sell property. However, because real estate transactions often involve large sums of money, and because they are complicated, it is wise to work with an experienced real estate attorney to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

I bought a home and there’s a problem with it. Can I do anything about it?

If after buying a home you discover a problem, the buyer might have offered a warranty policy that will cover any problems that are discovered after the sale. There are often strict time limits on how long the policy is in effect, so if you believe there was a problem and want to see if it was covered, contact a Texas real estate lawyer as soon as possible.  

What is real estate law?

Real estate law deals with the sale and purchase of property, including the land and any buildings that are located on the land. This includes residential property as well as commercial property.


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