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From our offices in Southlake, Texas, the real estate and title lawyers at Schultz and Kellar, PLLC have been serving people throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex since 2012.

As a boutique law firm, Schultz and Kellar is able to provide our clients with individual attention as we handle the real estate and title work necessary to complete the purchase or sale of your residential or commercial property.

Schultz and Kellar represents buyers, sellers, and lenders in all manner of real estate transactions. We offer competitive rates, and give you peace of mind in knowing that your transaction will be handled the right way, every time.

Our real estate and title services include:

  • Real estate closings
  • Escrow services
  • Preparing and reviewing purchase and sale contracts for commercial or residential properties
  • Title searches
  • Curing title defects
  • Preparing deeds, leases, and other real estate documents
  • Title insurance

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Buying a home is likely one of the largest investments you will ever make. Don’t leave the details to chance. Involving an experienced real estate professional early in the process will help you avoid problems before they arise.

Our team of experienced real estate professionals have closed thousands of deals. This means that you benefit from our experience of having worked on thousands of transactions. We can anticipate potential problems and come up with creative solutions to help your real estate transaction go through without a hitch.

Perhaps the biggest factor in a residential real estate transaction is timing. With so many different people and agencies are involved in a real estate closing, it’s easy for something will go wrong. Fortunately, this usually doesn’t mean the deal will fall apart; just that the real estate closing may take slightly longer than expected.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of working with an experienced real estate lawyer is that we will stay calm and level-headed throughout the process, moving the closing along while reassuring you that things will get done in a timely manner.

Schultz and Kellar can handle all facets of a real estate transaction, from drafting and modifying the Residential Purchase Agreement, to escrow services, and title searches.

Our lawyers prepare and review the Residential Purchase Agreement, and correct any discrepancies between the Purchase Agreement and the escrow documents.

Our title agents review the title to the home to make sure there are no defects, and make sure that the seller is able to convey title and that the seller actually owns the property free from any liens or other encumbrances. The title agent also performs a title search to make sure there are no problems with title to the home, such as a lien for work done on the home that was not fully paid, or unpaid state or local taxes.

Our lawyers work to resolve these issues before you close on the property.

While some real estate transactions are standard, many more include unique circumstances that require the expertise of a trained real estate professional. This could include an easement that allows a neighbor limited use for entrance and exit to their property, or dividing a piece of land to sell less than than the entire piece of property. If your transaction involves anything out of the ordinary, the real estate lawyers at Schultz and Kellar can help.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions in Southlake, TX

The Texas real estate and title lawyers at Schultz and Kellar also have extensive experience in handling commercial real estate transactions.

While the general process of a commercial real estate purchase or sale is similar to that of a residential real estate transaction, there are additional complexities involving the acquisition, development, sale, and leasing of commercial real estate.

At Schultz and Kellar, we often begin by helping our clients evaluate complex real estate transactions and, if they decide to proceed with the purchase or sale, we help them structure the transaction to maximize their financial benefit. We routinely advise clients on tax implications of a particular real estate transaction, and how to minimize tax liabilities. We prepare and review partnership and limited liability company documents, and offer advice on tax issues, land use, planning, and zoning issues.

Schultz and Kellar’s commercial real estate and title services include:

  • Commercial real estate closings
  • Commercial escrow services
  • Commercial title searches
  • Preparing and reviewing commercial lease agreements
  • Commercial title insurance
  • Land use and zoning compliance
  • Landlord-tenant agreements
  • Land acquisition
  • 1031 like-kind exchanges
  • Curing title defects

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If you are considering a residential or commercial real estate transaction in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, work with an experienced real estate and title attorney at Schultz and Kellar, PLLC. We will help make sure your transaction goes smoothly, and minimize and correct any surprises that may come up.

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