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Online Will Preparation vs. Hiring an Estate Attorney

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The traditional approach to drafting a will has been to work with an estate attorney, but some Dallas residents turn to an online will preparation service instead.

Should you join them? Would the documents a do-it-yourself estate planning program creates be comparable to those that an experienced estate attorney would produce? Or would you be you better off leaving the preparation of your last will and testament to a Dallas law firm? For answers to those questions, read on.

Risks of Online Will Preparation

Online wills are both legal and enforceable, so if you have a relatively simple estate plan, an online service may be able to meet your needs. However, keep in mind that using an estate planning program can be risky for several reasons. An online will preparation service may:

  • Collect and sell or disclose your information to third parties
  • Use your demographic and profile data for marketing purposes
  • Overlook legal provisions that are vital under Texas law
  • Miss opportunities to help your loved ones avoid probate

Software is no substitute for the advice of a qualified Dallas estate attorney, and the cookie-cutter forms online estate planning programs produce often fall far short of providing effective solutions. In our minds, letting an online service create your last will and testament simply isn’t worth the risk.

Situations that Call for an Estate Attorney

When it comes to will preparation, an online service only covers basic situations. The software is designed to simplify the estate planning process and, as such, is really only an option for Dallas residents with few assets and a straightforward plan for the distribution of their property.

If your personal situation isn’t all that simple, an online will may not suffice – you may also need a trust, power of attorney (POA) and living will to ensure that your wishes are met. Hiring an experienced estate attorney is a smart decision if:

  • Yours is a sizeable estate with a high net worth
  • You have unusual assets or items of sentimental value
  • You’re divorced or you have entered into a second marriage
  • You have multiple children or a child with special needs
  • You would like to disinherit a child or your spouse

In addition, you should consider working with a Dallas estate attorney if you have questions or concerns about how to best arrange for your legal and financial affairs. An experienced attorney can make sure that everything is handled properly, in accordance with Texas law.

Get Expert Help With Estate Planning & Will Preparation in Dallas, Texas

Having an estate plan that allows you to realize your goals is incredibly important, and you won’t get that with an online service.

At Schultz & Kellar, PLLC, we’ve been helping residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area with estate planning and will preparation since 2012. Our highly skilled legal team can create a comprehensive estate plan that protects your rights, minimizes your liabilities and ensures your affairs are handled as you wish in the future.

For a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss will preparation with an experienced estate attorney in Dallas, Texas, contact Schultz & Kellar today.

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