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What Do Financial Advisors Do?

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If money management isn’t your forte, you may benefit from meeting with a Dallas financial advisor. These specialists assist people in making decisions related to their finances, and an experienced advisor can construct a plan that allows you to achieve your future financial goals.

The term “financial advisor” is somewhat of a catch-all – it’s used to describe many types of professionals, including financial planners and investment managers. In any case, this is the expert to see if you’re struggling to manage your money. Here, the legal team at Schultz and Kellar explains what you have to gain by working with a Dallas financial advisor.

Services Financial Advisors Provide

The services advisors offer can vary, but their role is to act as your partner in financial planning. Generally speaking, that involves assessing your current assets, expenses and debts to identify areas where improvements can be made. To be more specific, an advisor can help you:

  • Devise budgeting and saving strategies
  • Work out a plan to pay down your debts
  • Understand complex insurance matters
  • Determine how to save for retirement
  • Build and manage your investment portfolio
  • Keep your tax liabilities at a minimum

Some advisors also have expertise in putting together estate plans, which is beneficial given the connection between financial planning and estate planning. In any case, you’ll want to work with an advisor you trust to help you achieve your financial goals.

Reasons to Hire a Financial Advisor

Any Dallas resident can benefit from the advice of an experienced advisor. You don’t need to be a certain age or have a high net worth – you simply need to find a professional who is suited to assist with your particular situation.

In our experience, some people approach an advisor when they’re feeling stressed about their finances. Others make the call because they simply don’t have the time or any interest in managing their finances. You may want an advisor’s help for one of those reasons, or if any of the following apply:

  • You want your wealth to grow, but know nothing about investing
  • You have investments, but they aren’t increasing your net worth
  • You need unbiased advice on whether you’re adequately insured
  • You don’t have an estate plan that reflects your current wishes

Finding the Right Financial Advisor

Before contracting with a Dallas financial advisor, do your homework, confirming that they’re qualified to meet your financial planning needs. Most offer free, no-obligation consultations – which gives you the perfect opportunity to learn about an advisor’s credentials and experience.

After meeting with a few advisors in the Dallas area, choose the one you believe is the best fit for your financial situation. Make sure they’re a good fit in terms of personality, too, as that can allow you to develop a successful, long-term professional relationship.

Schultz and Kellar, based in northeast Texas and serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area, is one of the few law firms in the country that offers both financial planning and estate planning services. With us, you can have peace of mind about your finances and the legacy you pass on to future generations. Contact our office in Southlake, just outside of Dallas, and schedule a free consultation with an experienced financial advisor today.


“Brittany is helping my husband and I with our wills and other related documents. Wow! She really knows her stuff! Thank you for helping us through a tough subject and holding our hands through this process.”
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